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Welfare Fund
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  Welcome to AP Bar Council The Bar Council of the State of AP is a Statutory Body for lawyers practicing solely as Advocates    
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189. (a) An ‘Applicant’ means an advocate applying to the Council for financial assistance under these rules:

(b) An ‘Indigent Advocate’ is one who is unable to maintain himself and his family.

(c) A ‘Disabled Advocate’ means any advocate who by reason of any physical or mental infirmity is unable to practice;

(d) The ‘Family’ of an applicant shall mean the wife or wives and any children or aged parents actually dependent on him for maintenance.

(e) The ‘Fund’ means a fund constituted by the Council for giving financial assistance to indigent or disabled advocates under Section 6(2) of the Act and shall include all accretions either by way of contributions, donations for otherwise made to the fund.

190. The Council shall set apart at the end of each financial year a sum which shall not exceed 10% of its annual income save and except with the express permissions of the Bar Council of India. The fund shall be administered by the Executive Committee.

191. (a) The Council shall be at liberty to give financial assistance either from the corpus or from the interest realized by the fund.

(b) An application for financial assistance shall be in Form No.16.

(c) On receipt of an application the Executive Committee itself or a sub committee thereof shall enquire whether the applicant deserves financial assistance and the extent thereof. It shall also be competent for it to constitute a local Committee consisting of the president or the Secretary of a Bar Association and two advocates having not less than 15 years standing at the place where the applicant ordinarily resides or practices for the aforesaid purpose.

(d) The enquiring authority shall be competent to examine the applicant or any other person and to call for any record in the possession of any Bar Council or any Bar Association or any Bar Association. The information received shall be treated as confidential.

(e) If an advocate makes any statement or furnished any information which is proved to be false to his knowledge it shall amount to professional misconduct.

(f) If the Executive Committee acting on a report or enquiry give financial assistance, and subsequently, it is found that the evidence adduced by the applicant was false in material particulars, the Executive Committee may call upon the applicant to refund the entire amount gives as assistance with such interest as it deems fit and the applicant shall comply with the said direction.

192. The Council shall maintain a separate account in respect of the said fund under the name and style of the Bar Council of the state of Andhra Pradesh, Indigent and disabled Advocates Fund, which shall be subject to audit annually along with the other accounts of the Council. The amounts belonging to the fund shall be entered in a separate account and may be invested in any manner provided by the Rules of the Council. The Executive Committee shall not ordinarily grant assistance exceeding Rs. 1,000/-(one thousand) in any financial year to any applicant. In case the assistance consist of monthly contributions, it shall be open to the Committee to reduce or enhance the contribution according to circumstances, and no contribution shall be made in case the applicant ceases to be indigent or if the disability cases.

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